• Ben and Lisa Meader

10 Signs Your House May Need Re-Stumping

With the extended period of dry weather occurring throughout the Gwydir Shire you may have noticed a number of changes happening to your home.

During periods of prolonged dryness, the soil surrounding your home shrinks, causing foundation issues that if not addressed can grow into bigger problems over time.

Here are a number of tell tail signs which may help determine if your home needs re-stumping:

1. Windows that jam or do not close correctly;

2. Glass Windows cracking;

3. Unusual movement or spring in the floor when walking through the house;

4. Doors not closing properly;

5. Cracks is plaster or brick work;

6. Sloping floors;

7. Decay of foundations / damaged stumps;

8. Gap between stump and house bearer whereby there is no contact between the two;

9. Visible signs of white ants; and

10. Houses over the age of 45 years old with original foundations.

Many houses in Warialda, surrounding towns and villages are experiencing some of the above symptoms. If you are concerned with the integrity of your home‘s foundations or have questions about restumping feel free to give us a call.

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