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Designing your Dream Kitchen

It’s hard enough coming up with a design you know will work in the space you have allocated for your kitchen, let alone choosing the best tiles, taps and benchtop materials for the job. You spend a great deal of your day in the kitchen, so plan well, particularly the below elements and you will prosper later.


The layout of your kitchen is vital and consideration should be given for appliance positioning and access.

For example, will the fridge, cooktop and sink be close to the preparation zones? Can you fully open the fridge door without it hitting the wall or blocking access for people? Do you need to jump over the dishwasher door every time you need to unpack it? Will your cooktop (particularly gas) be positioned close to a window therefore be affected by a breeze?


If you don’t get the lighting right, you’re likely to seriously regret it. Lighting that’s too bright or dull, incorrectly placed, or too big or small in size is sure to irk you for years to come. Task lighting, such as downlights above the bench or inside a pantry, allow you to prep, cook and clean up after meals easily and safely. Ambient lighting, creates a warm and welcoming feel to a room and highlights features of the kitchen. Additionally, decorative lighting such as a beautifully designed hanging pendant makes a great edition.


Years gone by, the corner of the kitchen was once hard to access and underutilised. Nowdays, corner kitchen cupboards are being used in a far better way through the use of corner mechanisms such as corner drawers or pull out semi circular systems. Above the benchtop, the corner is a top spot for your utilities and is a key location for a double power point or two.


Ventilation should never be a afterthought. Inadequate extraction equals sticky, greasy buildup around the cooking area and allows smells to travel throughout the home.

Venting externally is more efficient than recirculating and it’s also building code regulation. Vents must direct air outdoors and are not allowed to vent into roof space as it is a fire hazard.

Rangehoods should also span over the entire width of the cooktop or greater, and the airflow extraction should be as efficient as possible. We don’t recommend any rangehood with a capacity less than 900 m³ per hour.


When you’re planning a kitchen, the combination of drawers and cupboards is a key consideration. We would recommend drawers under the bench and shelving above, with half deep shelving a particularly good option for pantry storage.

While clean, timeless white is the most popular colour choice for painted cabinets, we love to use colour in our kitchens. Although many of our clients are a bit wary, it’s a great design option for those who are not planning on selling their home in the not too distant future.

The blue cabinets in this blog are beautiful, bring colour and elegance to this space. The marble bench top also ties into the cabinets with its blue veining.

If you’re not feeling this bold, a neutral palette, with stone as a feature or perhaps a coloured splashback is a better alternative.

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