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DIY Bathroom Renovation - Order of Works

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are the most difficult rooms to get right but we understand many people would prefer their luck at DIY.

There are many costly elements that can be unearthed or can go wrong in DIY and whilst we don't recommend you going it alone, here are the ten main steps in delivering a bathroom renovation.

1. Plumbing, electrical disconnection and demolition

Demolition of older bathrooms can reveal structural damage which is often not noticeable beforehand. If extensive, ensure you seek expert advice.

Wet rot of timber frame and flooring - Back in the 1960's, waterproofing standards weren't as strict as today

2. Re-location (rough-in) of plumbing and electrical

Plumbing and electrical works must legally be done by specialised professionals. If you don't already have a relationship with a plumber or electrician, we recommend you get two quotes before engaging one.

3. Re-line walls and floors with either water-resistant boards

We recommend water-resistant boards such as a James Hardie 6mm villa board for the floor.

If you have a timber floor, you may need to install a James Hardie Scyon structural flooring.

At this stage, the cornice can also be installed to the ceiling.

4. Waterproofing of walls and floor

Waterproofing is the most important part of a bathroom renovation and legally must be done by a licenced professional.

5. Screed

A mortar screed should be installed to create fall to the floor waste.

6. Tiling and grouting

If you’re installing floor-to-ceiling tiles, the ceiling will be painted after the tiles are set. If the bath is to be built in, it should be installed after the waterproofing but before the tiles.

7. Shower screen, bath and vanity

The shower screen, free-standing bath and vanity are installed after the tiles are set.

8. Plumber and Electrician fit-out

The plumber finalises the fit-out of pipework, toilet and taps. The electrician will complete the fit-out for lighting, powerpoints and appliances such as exhaust fans.

9. Painting

Bathrooms are a high traffic room and susceptible to moisture so consider using a good quality, mould resistant paint.

10. Accessory fit-out

Mirror and accessories such as towel rails are installed last. Keep in mind when drilling into porcelain tiles, that they are extremely hard and we recommend you using an electroplated diamond drill bit.

Bathroom renovations are complex but can be done if you are capable of project management. An option to consider is to work alongside a Builder who can show you ways to reduce the cost of the job. For example, you may be able to complete some elements such as demolition or painting.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to leave it to the experts, Meader Constructions who is an award-winning bathroom builder of the New England area of NSW can build you a traditional or 5-star marvel bathroom. Call us for an in-home consultation today on 0428 594 329.

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