• Ben and Lisa Meader

Benefits of Open Floor Plan Living

If you are sick of living in tiny, little rooms, here are six advantages of opening up the floor plan.

1. Make Your Home Feel Bigger: If your home is small, removing a wall is a great way to make it look and feel bigger. If you can only pick one wall to remove, consider removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room or living room.

2. Show it Off: Kitchens used to be tucked away in the back of the house, but today’s kitchens are stunning and deserve to be shown off. Connecting your kitchen to the rest of the house can make your home look more impressive and modern.

3. Entertaining: Opening up the layout creates a large, welcoming area for inviting and entertaining guests at your home. Never be away from the party whilst you’re preparing food and drinks, an open-floor layout lets the conversation carry from the dining area to the kitchen. Whether your guests want to be cozy indoors or relax outside, both areas will blend into one allowing the atmosphere to flow between.

4. Light it Up: Love natural light? By eliminating extra interior walls, it allows the windows to let a whole lot of natural light into the home. And additionally, if you are reliant on artificial light during the day, your electricity bill will thank you.

5. Staying Connected: Combining living spaces helps keep families connected. Instead of

spending your time in separate rooms, an open space allows you the flexibility to do things together and to interact.

6. Safe and Secure: The large area offered by an open-floor plan allows you to easily see a big part of your home from your living area, dining area or kitchen. This is perfect for those with children or planning on children as you can easily keep your eye on them, making sure they are always supervised and safe. When your indoor space combines with your outdoor space, playing outside isn’t a problem when you can always be sure you can see what the kids are up to.

And if you are still not sure whether to leap into open plan living, remember, in almost every instance, an open floor plan is highly desirable and increases your home's value to prospective buyers. And if you are considering selling, most buyers are looking for an open-concept kitchen and will pay more for it.

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