• Ben and Lisa Meader

Is Your Fireplace Ready for Action?

The days and nights have been oddly warm this Autumn, so much so, I thought we'd have till early June before lighting up the fireplace. However, after receiving some unexpected but very welcomed rain here in Warialda last weekend, I've been looking for my ugg boots and cursing we weren't more organised since.

Whilst tempted to throw the fireplace on and watch the kids toast marshmallows, we are holding off until we properly inspect and clean the chimney and firebox. Hundreds of chimney fires occur in NSW each year and while some chimney fires burn wildly out of control, others can burn discretely without you ever knowing.

Wood burning fireplaces are more likely than gas fireplaces to start unwanted fires but regardless both require proper maintenance. Here's a video on how to get your fireplace and chimney ready for the cold winter days.

And if you're really unorganised and still need to install or repair your existing fireplace, please feel free to contact us.

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