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Key Elements of Bathroom Design - Part 2

Last week we covered bathroom layout and tile selection. Today we finish off our Bathroom Design blog with bathtubs, vanities, basins and tapware.


If you are considering adding a bath to your room, freestanding tubs are hard to beat. A generous freestanding bath adds a feeling of luxury and makes bathing more of a sanctuary experience. Although you need to add a minimum of 100mm around the bath to clean it. Any less and it becomes a mould and dust trap.

An inset bathtub, which is fixed into a surround, can be a more practical bathroom option if you have young children, older users or limited space. Make sure you are comfortable with the depth as high sided baths can be challenging to navigate over and if safety is a concern we suggest adding a supporting handrail. The best way to assess comfort is to hop into a display model and ensure it's comfortable and can accommodate all family members.

Pro Tip 👉 Some stone baths are considerably heavy and may require the builder to increase the strength of the floor structure underneath to accommodate the weight. Although a technical element, this can add additional cost to your renovation and something to be conscious of.


Wall hung vanities are fast becoming the vanity of choice. They are a great option to free up space and help make a small area feel more spacious. If your bathroom is small, such as an ensuite, it’s important to maximise as much vanity top as possible without sacrificing in your basin size. Select a slim basin and look for tapware that is also small. If you have a large bathroom, however, you can consider a floor-mounted vanity with plenty of drawer and cupboard space.


A pop of colour to your bathroom is no longer limited to statement tiles and wallpaper. An easy and affordable way to instantly makeover your space is with colour cabinetry, basins and tapware. While the majority of taps are available in a chrome finish, there is now a growing range of alternative finishes available, from black, white, brass, graphite and copper. However, changing tapware is not something you want to be doing often, so it's wise to select tapware that is less likely to date. Choose a finish that you love and that will suit the overall colour scheme and style of your bathroom and home.

Pro Tip 👉 When selecting a design, consider the other elements of your bathroom. Rounded basins, baths and bathroom accessories look great paired with taps that have curved spouts and rounded handles. Likewise, tapware that have a square and angular design will complement a bathroom with straight lines.

Remember to consider matching the finish of other elements, such as the shower set and bathroom accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holders and shower frames. But ultimately all you need to think about is the layout, size and practicalities, such as who will be using the bathroom, and your builder can help you with the rest.

If you have a question about your bathroom build feel free to contact us for advice.

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