Modern Architecture


Preliminaries and Detailed Designs



What is the Preliminary Stage

If the indicative quote is on or close to budget, we can then move forward and prepare a detailed Tender(Preliminaries). If your budget needs to be reduced, we can give recommendations as to how we can reduce the cost of your project.

Who Completes the Final Plans?

You can engage the same designer who completed the concepts for your home and they can complete the plans. Or if you have opted to use our in-house floor plan software, we will arrange the final designs for you, based on your personalised preferences.

How Much Do the Preliminaries Cost?

To produce the preliminaries, we will require final plans, soil reports and site surveys, all of which incur external and internal expenses. The preliminaries can cost anywhere from $1,000 and are subject to the complexity of the project being tendered, the engagement of Subcontractors, Suppliers and the time required to develop the Tender. 

What Will I Receive?

At the end of the preliminary stage, you will have completed plans and a final Tender which will include a detailed list of all the inclusions and finishes of your project and provide you with the exact fixed contract price, inclusive of site costs. 

Image by Scott Graham