Modern Architecture





Turning Your Plans Into Reality

This is where all the plans and paperwork come together so the onsite team can create your vision. To get to this point, a lot of paperwork has been completed, permits and approvals received. The stamped plans and Council approval is forwarded to your lending authority. They in turn, issue a commencement letter stating permission for Meader Constructions to commence construction. 

Seeing your Builder commencing work onsite is an exciting moment—time to celebrate breaking dirt.

How Do I Pay For The Build?

Throughout the project, we will require progress payments. The progress payments are clearly defined within the contract with a building stage and amount. Once the designated stage has been completed, Meader Constructions will issue you an invoice.

Can I Access The Site?

Upon commencement of construction, our Builder, Ben Meader, will have an active presence onsite to ensure our quality control systems are implemented and maintained. There will be critical stage inspections during the build where your attendance is required onsite; however, we ask that you arrange access to the site directly with the Builder for safety and security reasons.

Oh No, I Need to Change Something With My Build?

That's ok. Whilst it's preferred that all decisions are made well in advance, sometimes things don't turn out exactly how you expected. Within reason, we can change anything. We will quote the costs associated with the changes before we do them and action them as soon as you give the word.

When Can I Move In?

The contract will provide you with an estimate of how long the construction time will take for your project. As we get closer to completion, you will be given a handover date. However, keep in mind that the completion date will be affected if you make lots of changes during the build.